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I’ve been lucky to have received a great deal of press coverage, both about my solo work and my group exhibitions. Check out some of the latest headlines about my work below and scroll through for collateral materials.


October 3, 2023

우먼타임스 - 그의 작품들은 모양과 색상에서 극도로 단순하지만, 그래서 더 많은 상념을 불러일으킨다. 꼿꼿이 직각으로 솟은 그의 조형작품 앞에 무심히 서면 삶이란, 우리의 경험이란, 참으로 단순한 형태와 공간이요, 결국은 절제된 선과 도형으로 치환될 수 있다는 생각에 빠져든다. 비움과 채움, 가벼움과 무거움, 결합과 해체, 압축과 팽창, 덧없음과 견고함은 대조적 개념이 아니라는 성찰을 문득 얻게 된다.


August 12, 2022 

The other Washingtonian in “Soft Power” is Jean Jinho Kim, whose aluminum-downspout sculptures have become simpler and more direct, to their benefit. Her “Good Vibes 3” consists of two mirror-image forms powder-coated in shades of dark olive and pale green. The piece recalls the confident austerity of the late D.C. artist Anne Truitt, and strongly contrasts the work of the show’s other sculptor, Danni O’Brien, whose found-object assemblages are bulbous, spindly and surreal.

kim-38jpg_52647511456_o (1).jpg

March 10, 2023

Part of the Kreeger Museum’s The Collaborative, featuring artists from STABLE studios, this exhibition offers a surprising respite from the museum’s flow and features a critical examination of the museum’s founder.


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2024      "In the galleries: How artists’ works leave a carbon footprint," Washington Post, March 1st, 2024 

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2020     "Artist Jean Kim Was Inspired by Car Parts after Serious  Accidents", Montgomery Community Media, January 31, 2020

2019     "In the galleries: Hanging garments symbolize violence against indigenous women," March 15, 2019

2018     "In the Galleries: An Artist Pieces together his life story," Washington Post, February 8th, 2018 

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2011      “Jean Kim solo exhibition of Celebrations of Light” The Korean Times, December 1, 2011

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